We can help you take care of your roof

Not only does Century Roofing install quality roofs, we also help customers maintain their current roofs, allowing those roofs to continue to work efficient and last for as long as possible.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Your flat roof should last for a long time given that it receives the necessary coatings and maintenance. Flat roofs get dirty, scuppers get clogged and water tends to pond. It is normal for a flat roof to pond a little, but excessive ponding due to clogged scuppers or other roof debris can cause serious problems. We recommend cleaning your roof twice a year, Century offers quality maintenance & cleaning packages to help you extend the life of your roof.  

Foam Roof Coating:

Foam roofing requires coatings to be applied every 5 years to protect the foam from ultraviolet rays, if it has been longer than 5 years since your foam roof has been coated, you need to have your roof coated as soon as possible, as soon as the UV rays contact foam, the foam will start to deteriorate and become brittle.

Extend the life of your roof with a coating or maintenance package

Coatings are meant to protect and extend the life of your roof, but will not fix leaks or waterproof your roof. Most roofing types will benefit from being coated, to find out more on how to extend the life of your roof with coatings contact us today for more information and a free estimate.