Is your roof leaking?

When a leak shows up it is best to have a qualified, licensed roofing contractor inspect your roof right away so you can get the leak taken care of before it damages any more of your home or building. 

Here are a few reasons you could have a roof leak:

  • Your roofing materials are worn out from age and weather
  • Your roof was not properly installed
  • Your roof was damaged by a piece of debris or from extreme weather

In some cases it is as simple as patching a small area or sealing around some roof penetrations,  in other cases you may need to have a section of your roof replaced or sometimes even the whole roof. Be careful, if you wait too long it may cause major problems to your home or building because once a leak starts, it will keep leaking and causing damage until it is fixed.

Some additional problems you could run into if you don't fix your leak right away could be:

  • Additional damage to your roof
  • Damage and deterioration of the wood deck and framing of your home or building
  • Dangerous mold growth
  • Insect infestation

As long as you get your leak taken care of right away, you can avoid a lot of unneeded expenses, damage and frustration. Letting your roof continue to leak will cause damage to your home or building and will only make the problem more difficult and expensive to fix in the end.

We are here to help.

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